Turkish Mauser 98 Turkish Mauser 98Not all Mauser parts are interchangeable, if you are not confident in changing these parts, …. Mauser 93 94 95 98 Handguard Spring Clip 1903 1908 1909 1910 1912. This is a good example of the iconic German Gewehr 1888 "Commission Rifle", also known as the Gewehr 88, or GEW 88. what ammo for German Mauser K98. Archangel® Precision Stock for Mauser® K. 98/22 rifles were either sold to Iran, [citation needed] Turkey, or on the public market. 1935 TURKISH MAUSER 8MM BOLT ACTION RIFLE $100. Safety First! With the rifle pointed in a safe direction, open the bolt and make sure the rifle is not loaded. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to many countries, which …. Two German Mauser Model 98 Bolt Action Rifles. Contact Seller *Your Name: *Your Email: *Your Phone Number: *Message: Yes! I would like to receive news and updates from Guns International. The receiver and barrel is blued steel with no rust and minor wear. It includes its original black metal scabbard that has no noticeable damage. FN got the German Mauser equipment after Versailles and DWM machinery helped CZ/BRNO to get started. Sometimes the case would just barely jump off the bolt face and stay in the action, sometimes the case would almost-eject and stay in a 45. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Turkish Mauser rifles are available from several sources at very reasonable prices and price is always an attraction. 5-round detachable box magazine. KALE C&R Sold Location: Dorr, MI 49323 Sold Date: 10/9/2023 12:00:00 AM: $575. I have a Turkish Mauser that was originally a Gew 98 brought up to the ‘M38’ standards in 1954. But can you book Turkish Airlines awards online? Yes, you can! Increased Offer! Hilton No Annual Fee 70K + Free Night Cert Offer! If you’re an award travel gee. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Original 98 Mauser Standard Large Ring Bolt Body Engraved Bolt Knob. Mauser 98 Military rifle barrels #726 Mauser 98K action #728 Mauser rifle model 98 #729 Carl Gustav model 96 #730 Wehrmann-contour #732 Orig. Turkish Mauser 98 Action & Bolt. K98 Mauser Rifle Stocks, synthetic for sale, as well as aftermarket Mauser parts and accessories. The Patrone 88 bullet diameter is. It was made by Mauser Orberndorf for Turkey. Mauser 98 Model 1908 Large Ring Long Action (Action & Receiver) $195. Model - Firearms Chinese Hanyang 88. Asfa Ankara Mauser – 8mm Mauser. Get the best deals for turkish mauser at eBay. In general 98 actions are strong enough for modern pressures on an -06 sized case, but it never hurts to. This is a used part in good condition (they appear new/unused). MAUSER 98 8MM MAUSER RIFLE STOCK. Many guys buy them exactly for this purpose. Its 24-inch barrel and overall 43-inch length is much shorter than the Gew 98. There were over 25 deliveries of G 98 rifles and bayonets, spare barrels G 98 in this total period going to Turkey but no mention of G 98 with scopes- Such rifles would have been coming straight from Spandau who put most of the scopes on the rifles Not Mauser Oberndorf. Description: Turkish Mauser Gewehr 98 GEW 98 8mm Mauser #F7428. I agree, that is a Turkish mauser 98 and they were well built rifles. WW1 TURKISH MODIFIED GERMAN 98/05 BAYONET AND SCABBARD WAFFENFABRIK. The action seems fully functional and the bore is sharp and shiny. This Mauser was made in 1938 prior to World War for sale by FMZGUNS on GunsAmerica. parts]1893 Turkish mauser $159. ( Click to see larger image and other views) This offering is for 1 of our M98 K98 Mauser Safety Levers. Other rifles sold as Turkish Mausers are versions of pre-98 rifles or Model 98,s or SMLE's that have been modified to Turkish standards. When they were refurbished and rebarreled in 8mm, the bolts were frequently mismatched with the receivers. Shop for Mauser rifles parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts, 98/22 Turkish. German G33/40 Upper Handguard, Sold *As Is* $34. I have a Turkish "M38" Mauser, made by K. Erfurt Arsenal Mauser Model 98A Bolt Action Carbine. It also had a simple tangent-leaf rear sight, rather than the . 5"CLEANING ROD,KAR98,,MAUSER PARTS. 98 on the left receiver rail was left in place. MODEL - 98 FINISH - BLUED BARREL - 29" CALIBER - 8 MM CAPACITY - N/A GRIPS - WOOD CONDITION - GOOD FEATURES - COMES WITH LEATHER SLING STORE HOURS 10AM - 6 PM MON - SAT EST. 85 shipping (2) German World War II 8mm Mauser K-98 Combat Rifle Rear Sight Bases. KALE" made bolts are often marked with a "B". Turkish Mauser 8mm Reload Question. Generally assembled from German Mauser 98 parts prior to the late 1930's. K98 Rifle-Mauser-Surplus Features. 92mm) and a Turkish Mauser in 7. Turkish refitted Gewehr 98 Mauser bolt action rifle, chambered in 7. Specifications for the Turkish Mauser 1903/1938. Small-ring Mausers (including your Mexican Mauser) use a smaller barrel shank in common with M93, M95, M96, most …. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back; German World War II 8mm Mauser K-98 Combat Rifle Bolt Firing Pin. After the war, these rifles ended up in the arsenals of many nations giving rise to many interesting varieties and. The Turkish G3 bayonet differs from the German G3 bayonet in many ways. Turkish Mauser Review and How much did I pay for this rifle?. Turkish Delight: 1938 Turkish Mauser Review. TURKISH MAUSER M98 1945 8MM. Can You Book Turkish Airlines Awards Online? Yes, You Can!. 00 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $404. Mauser 98 K98 Front Barrel Band Late WWII Welded. Unless otherwise specified, cleaning rods are original and manufactured in the country of origin. mauser firing pin for sale. Sell your Mauser 30-06 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Mauser 30-06 for sale and auction. Shooting one of my favorite sporterized military rifles. 1918 produced German Gew 98 with a Turkish stamp. First, sorry for my bad English, I am Norwegian, hope you understand what I mean. Would you like to advertise your Firearm or Hunting Business here? Contact Us today! Mauser 96 6. Community platform by XenForo ®© 2010-2023 XenForo Ltd. Sellers with highest buyer ratings 98. The Hogue Mauser 98 Military and Sporter Action Rifle …. German Karabiner 98k Firing Pin $ 58. This applies to an of the 98 style Mauser actions. Turkish Airlines will land at Newark Liberty International Airport next year, complementing its existing service to New York John F. Argentine M1891/1909 Cleaning Rod. It will be relatively inexpensive. 92mm diameter; Turkish Mauser - 0. German Mauser K98, Gewehr 98, Swede M96, Turkish M38 Front Sight Adjusting Tool. Based on the German Gewehr 88, this rifle was adopted by Qing Dynasty. The best estimates for 98’s, K98’s, licensed clone rifles and 98-pattern rifles that weren’t exact clones is over 110 million rifles. With collectibles condition is everything. To make a blanket statement that the action is safe is fool hardy as the quality of actions has varied over the years, especially as WWII was winding down. From buttplates to bayonet studs, you'll find all the Mauser 98 rifle parts that you have been looking for in one spot! Place your order today. TURKISH Model 1938 mauser CLEANING ROD 27 1/2 inch 03/38 93/38 88/38 turk turkey. Bayonet lug for your 98 and 98K Mauser as well as other models of the Mauser military rifle. MAUSER/TURKISH 98 8MM RIFLE (1939 YEAR MODEL) Description: MAKE - MAUSER/TURKISH. The 1903 is basically a model 98 Mauser and is cock-on-open. 62 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! mauser 7. Turkish Mauser Model 38 Bolt Action 8mm Rifle Trigger Bolt Release Sling Swivel. The "standard 38 having started in 1930-31. The first clue is that it is a large ring without a bullet cut out (so it's. Mauser is a German arms manufacturer originally founded as Königliche Waffen Schmieden in 1811. Turkish Mauser Bolt M38 Complete Bolt Excellent 98 Mauser. Front sight blade for the M98 series Mauser rifles. Youngsters need to understand that the Mauser-98 pattern rifles were made in YUUUUUGE numbers – until the AK-47 came along the 98-pattern rifle was the single most-produced small arm in the world, bar …. It is stamped "Made in Turkey" on the barrel, along with the importer, CAI of St. The non-matching ones are starting about $800. Easy to check, pull the bolt, uncock it, measure how much the pin sticks out of the bolt face. These early Mausers were produced by the. 5x60mmR This rifle was derived from the German 1871/84 and features a tube-magazine. 70mm diameter and Argentine Mauser - 0. Your rifle is probably a German GEW 98 Mauser. Turkish Ankara Mauser M38, S/N 36345. Mauser 98 8MM sn: 7781 Turkish Mauser marked "Ankara 1939" above chamber, sound action, good bore, good wood, military sling attached, damaged brass cleaning. 00 1d 14h 33m Turkish 8mm Mauser Stripper Clips, 5-PACK - 8mm Mauser BuyItNow! $7. Bore is good, with some roughness, although it still has a slight shine. Bolt Action Rifles Argentina was one of the first countries to adopt Mauser rifles, with the Model 1891. The actual documents relate to the Model 1903 Mauser made for the Turks, but Jon Speed states that the markings were used on earlier contracts, the Model 1887. so maybe you want a k98 that diesnt have "blood on its hands" maybe you want that new old feel. Mauser, originally the Königlich Württembergische Gewehrfabrik, was a German arms manufacturer. Peruvian Model 1909 Mauser Firing Pin $ 91. While actually starting the conversions in 1933 any rifle converted to this standard is commonly called Model 38. See more ideas about mauser, rifle, firearms. The metal is in good condition showing light wear. The biggest problem will be to get the barrel out and replaced and thread the new one in and torque it properly and then install the sights. Turkish 98 Mauser 8mm Description: This is a good example of a Turkish Mauser that was reworked from a WWI rifle. Turkey used several Mauser rifles. 5" Opens in a new window or tab. ID # 8565 Make GRANITE MOUNTAIN ARMS Model SINGLE SQUARE BRIDGE MAGNUM ACTION Configuration Gauge / Caliber. On Hold due to lack of images: Substitute M1903 Produced by Mauser from Paraguayan model with added charger guide On hold as only photo of original 1907 with clip guide still has Paraguayan crest. Turkish Mauser model 98 in 8mm Description: This is a WWI German Mauser that was rebuilt by the Turks in 1948. Mauser 98 Long Action Walnut semi-finished sporter stock new old stock. Stripper Clips Brass 5rd German Turkish Mauser Rifle K98 98K M24 M48 8mm WW2. A few weeks ago, I purchased what was advertised as a Turkish Model 1903 from Cherry's. Built using our commercial ground straddle hinged floor plate, ground lever release, and fitted to an Argentine 1909 bottom metal with a slimmed trigger guard. One of the key factors contributing to their widespread appeal is the availability of English subtitles. I have no clue what caliber "7mm short carbine" is. Commercial Mauser 98 Cocking Piece, this part is unmarked. The K Kale Turkish Mausers are good quality actions. Heck, you can pick up one of those Turkish Mausers for around $50. Argentinian 1909 Rear Sight Assembly produced by DWM. Jim, that's a Turk made large ring 98, with the small ring barrel threads. Seller: Gulf Breeze Firearms (FFL) Gulf Breeze Firearms (FFL) Gun #: 951054194. From gripping dramas to heartwarming romances, these shows have captured the attention of audiences from different cultures and backgrounds. As this is a pre-98 design it is lacking the improvements that made the mod 98 "The Standard" by which bolt action rifles are judged. 92x57 Long Action Large Ring Rifle Bolt Assembly. The Turkish Model 93 Mauser was developed from the Spanish Model 93, but in a different calibre. Auction by Carr Auction & Real Estate (598) This item is in …. Apr 14, 2014 #12 DoggyDaddy Grandmaster. Floorplate Latch Spring For M1893, M1894, M1895 and M1896 Mausers. The 8x57 Mauser wasn’t initially chambered in a Mauser rifle; the Model 88 was a Mannlicher design that was slightly modified, but nonetheless it was a success. Surplus is is distant memorythere might be some small amounts of Yugo surplus around. 1 2 3 4 5 » Last Order By Featured Gun Classifieds Mauser Rifles - Military K98K 1938 MAUSER , EARLY CODE S/42 8 MM GI#: 102355743 SALE PENDING ORIGINAL …. Buy a Turkish Mauser 98 online. Since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, military Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to a number of countries, as well as being a popular civilian firearm. Mauser Rifle Stocks Parts & Accessories On Sale">K98 Mauser Rifle Stocks Parts & Accessories On Sale. I believe they were the only Turkish mausers made by the turks, the others are reworks. Mauser Argentino #734 Gewehr 88 Mauser 98 Sport/Hunting rifle barrels Ruger Precision Rifle barrels Savage (small shank) rifle barrels Tikka T1X Zermatt Arms RimX Pre-Fit AR10/AR15 gun barrels 50 BMG Rimfire. 00 and the stock and metal was in excellent condition except for the bore which had pitting in it. KALE" M38 Mauser with Gewehr 98 barrel and Spanish ">Turkish "K. German Mauser K98, Gewehr 98, Swede M96, Turkish M38 Front Sight. According to some forums, the markings in the receiver that read "E (LION)23" are the Czech Army acceptance mark, and the 23 would stand for 1923. It is a small ring M1893, not a large ring 98. There are items for other models as well. This is a true small ring action. These were a conversion of Commission 88/05 Rifles to be more like a standard Turkish M38 rifle. Here is a quick reference on the codes used by the manufacturers of the S84/98 III field bayonet before and during WWII. It ended up with the Turks, as evidenced by the Turkish crescent moon markings on the receiver, bolt handle, and bolt body. Auction by Carr Auction & Real Estate (598) This item is in Larned, KS. 00 - used other model 8x57 jrs (8mm mauser) brno vz 98/22 turkish mauser gewehr 98 no reserve c&r 28 inch " barrel sold location: bozeman, mt 59715 sold date: 7/2/2023 12:00:00 am: $275. Added another piece of vintage military weapons to my little arsenal. Lovely and functional gun for an absurdly low price. The demand of new MAUSER 98 rifle's has fallen 17 units over the past 12 months. Most of the surplus Turkish 8mm ammunition available in th eUNited States at this time is 1940s production, with this sample being dated 1941. PLEASE NOTE:These wonderful '98 Mauser actions are sometimes 100 years old and show signs of usage - you are not getting a. The Karabiner 98 kurz ( German: [kaʁaˈbiːnɐ ˌʔaxtʔʊntˈnɔʏntsɪç ˈkʊɐ̯ts]; " carbine 98 short"), often abbreviated Karabiner 98k, Kar98k or K98k and also sometimes incorrectly referred to as a K98 (a K98 is a Polish …. 49: M1893/6-3: Safety Spring ARGENTINE Mauser M1891. 1916 Spanish Mauser In Rifle Parts. Shoots flatter and farther than 243-50BMG, and has more knockdown than a …. 318 barrel in any military rifle , just. 92mm ANKARA K KALE Military Rifle C&R Turkish Model 98/22 Mauser Rifle Description: WORLD WAR II Dated TURKISH MAUSER 7. Fits the classic K98 Mauser, and variants including most Large-Ring, German K-98’s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 / 48a, Turkish 1903 / 1937 / 1938 / 1946 7mm or 8mm caliber* Archangel® Precision Stock for Mauser® K-98 and Variants - Desert Tan Polymer includes AA8MM 01 (10) Rd with a (5) Rd Limiter TYPE B Magazine. Will consider sell rifle without scope. Safety Spring For M1891 Mausers. 65x53 Belgian Mauser, but were later re-barreled to 8x57. later the Turks bought (and bought the rights to) 1898 based rifles, in 8x57. 92mm (this is often called an 03/38), the receiver was slightly notched to easily allow loading of the. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL 1937 TC ASFA ANKARA GEW. Mauser 98 Bolt Assembly w/ K98 Extended Sniper Safety $ 285. The name “Istanbul” derives from a Greek phrase that means “into the city. Second Gew98 refers to 'Gewehr 98' which was the official name of the 'Mauser'. A "no lathe" way to turn a surplus Small Ring 93-96 into a sporter. Guns International #: 102442475. Turkish Mauser ~ 98 ~ 8 MM Mauser. Refurbished over time in service, serial numbers no longer match. With the possible exception of the pre-1964 Winchester model 70, there is no safer, stronger, and more reliable bolt action made than a good Mauser model 98. They are made from rifles captured in the siege of Kut …. Comparing a Mauser with a decent budget modern rifle of equivalent caliber - for …. 92 x 57 mm (8mm) Mauser caliber. Ammunition Evaluation: 1941 Turkish 8mm Mauser. The Model of 1938 isn't really a single model, but rather a common set of features. Not uncommon on Turkish rifles. com's Printed Disassembly & Reassembly Manuals. Trigger Mexican 1903 1910 1936. The entirely new MAUSER 98 line is not only a unique combination of technology and craftsmanship, but a true commitment to our roots as the birth-place of the world’s most …. This is a large ring small shank ( LRSSM) rifle. Very nice complete bolt for a Turkish m38 mauser rifle. MAUSER 98 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023">MAUSER 98 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. Turkish Model 1938 38 1903/38 Mauser Wood Stock Set With Metal & Hand Guard. Other Decent shape for its age. Each bandoleer has 14 stripper clips. M98 Mauser Trigger Guard Assembly, Milled Dumoulin Mauser 98 Bolt Stop Assembly. Everything is in great condition, but the safety lever is "stuck" in the fire position (full left). 98 Mauser 8mm Mauser 66 Mauser 98 Mauser Part Broomhandle Mauser Mauser Pistol Central Mauser 1914 Mauser 98k Mauser Mauser Hand Gun Mauser Rifle Mauser Persian Mauser Swedish Hsc Mauser Mauser Military Rifle World Mauser Swedish 8mm Mauser Barrels Mauser Mauser Swedish 8mm Ammunition Mauser 3000 Mauser Mauser Net …. Large Ring/Small Ring All Mauser receivers made before the model of 1898 are considered small ring receivers. Mauser 98 Military and Sporter Actions Pillar Bed Stock Ghillie Green Finish. 92x57mm Mauser Manufacturer: Turkey Model: Mauser 98 Item Location: Lakewood, Co. Fit and finish is very well done and polished. 319 while the 8mm Mauser bullet is. 98a's, the Turks also had Model 1890 and 1893 rifles (the old small-ring Mauser with the single column magazine); the Model 1903, pretty much a standard Gew. Sell your Mauser Rifles Turkish for FREE today! Login Register Menu. 4) Remove the bolt from the reciever. The Mauser Model 1871 adopted as the Gewehr 71 or Infanterie-Gewehr 71, or "Infantry Rifle 71" ("I. Fits the classic K98 Mauser, and variants including most Large-Ring, German K-98’s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48 / 48a, Turkish 1903 / 1937 / 1938 / 1946 7mm or 8mm caliber* Incorporates three (3) integral steel inserts for ball lock / push button quick detach sling swivels (sling swivels not included). Original 98 Mauser Standard Large Ring Bolt Body W Proof Marks Polished. VZ 24 (Also See Mauser CZ 24 - Similar Model) Action Cover, Cotton 98 MAUSER. Take a close look at the pictures!. K98 Mauser Firing problems. 91 is the bore diameter (across the lands) in millimeters. In this article, we will guide you through the process of booking your Turkish Airlines tickets. It ended up with the Turks, as evidenced by the Turkish crescent moon markings on the receiver, bolt …. 92x57mm, as these rifles fired 8 mm Mauser. You are considering a vintage Turkish 98 Mauser Stock. Mauser designs were built for the German armed forces. A friend acquired a 98 mauser reciever with a brand new '06 barrel installed and I thought the Turk parts would complete the action. A 8MM MAUSER rifle is currently worth an average price of $805. With the conditions varying so widely on the Turk Mausers and other factors like the overall length of most variants (might be a bit awkward for hunting in the bush), we'd need more info. 100% machined from solid bar stock. , a significantly higher muzzle velocity than the old round-nosed bullet could achieve. These are in the period march 1917- August 1918. Online Catalog : Gun Parts : Military. 00 - used other model 8x57 jrs (8mm mauser) turkish kirkkale mauser 8mm *penny bid no reserve* gmgc-23a0415-2-218118 30 inch " barrel. The first thing that you want to do with your Mauser rifle is disassemble the entire rifle and give it a good cleaning. Others, like the Spanish Mauser, are sort of yawners, like a ’68 Chevy Biscayne. 65x53 and had a few other changes that kept the rifles similar to their previous purchases. 65mm Mauser cartridge, but changed to 7. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) TURKISH MAUSER M1938 29" …. We have Mauser rifle stocks for sale with Scope Mounts built in for your K-98 and. The Mauser Model 1903 (also known as the Ottoman Mauser) was a Gewehr 98-pattern bolt-action rifle designed for the Ottoman Army and produced by Mauser in Germany. 143544, 8mm, 30-inch barrel with standard front sight - Available at 2012 April 30 NRA Firearms for. It became known as the 1889 Belgian Mauser, 1891 Argentine Mauser, and 1890 Turkish Mauser. 200” shorter than the standard, 98 Mauser bolt and have a front receiver ring that is. Allows attachment of bayonet to the rifle. Sold Location: Bellevue, MI 49021. May 13, 2019 By Joseph von Benedikt. If a different date is stamped on one, it is the date it was converted to 8x57, not the manufacture date. It’s in good condition and has light wear from usage, storage, and handling. Contract on these was 200,000 units and last lots sold out in 1909. In modern times, Constantinople is called Istanbul. Are you a fan of Turkish series and looking for free platforms to binge-watch your favorite shows? Look no further. Mauser 98 Front Sight Blade PAR-MAU022. I started off with a shot out M38 Turkish Mauser, I had rescued from an ATI plastic sniper stock, and a sporterized 98K stock I found on eBay. This would include but is not limited to the GEW 98, Cz 98/22, Turkish Model 1903 and the Model 1893. 2,100 ft/s (640 m/s) Feed system. Seller: William Larkin Moore & Sons LLC. A Gew 98 made in 1910 or whatever is just as strong and safe as a 98k made in 1943, all things being equal. 257 Ack, Sporterized, w/Bushnell Sportview Scope, SN: 5913. Mauser Gewehr 98 rifles provided to the Ottoman Empire by Germany during the First World War. In good looking condition, Czech maker marked from the Brno Arsenals and made on export contract to Turkey. The Model 98 still represents the benchmark in bolt-action design owing to its simplicity, strength and safety. The '70s Yugo surplus was good. I acquired the rifle 25 years ago from a deceased person's military collection, shoots well and is …. 1924 Yugoslavian Bayonet with Carbon Steel an $24. If it is a German Kar 98k, it was chambered in 7. Average breech pressure was held to approximately 40,000 PSI. Boxer primed, brass cased, reloadable, and most of all, non corrosive. The 12 month average price is $805. 98/22 was quickly replaced by the lighter, and easier to handle Vz. Bulgarian 1930's Entrenching Tool Shovel w/Cover and Mannlicher Sling #4149. Turkish Mauser 98, 8mm, Sporterized, w/Bushnell Scope & Sling, SN: 82025. Mauser K98k – same 1944-made specimen, right side view. Crisp clean bore with no pitting. A small ring receiver is typically 1. ( Click to see larger image and other views) This offering is for 1 of our used M98 Mauser Bolt Body. View the current price and value of new and used a MAUSER 1938 TURKISH based on 33 sold items over the past year. Antique Turkish Ottoman Mauser 1893 8mm Rifle. Replace that missing or damaged part on your Military Surplus rifle. When the Czech Army had an adequate supply of newer short rifles (VZ 23's and VZ 24's) to outfit their troops, they sold their older 98/22 s to the Turks. This designation isn't even one that the Turks used, rather it is a designation that U. The rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after World War I, to replace the Vz. It fits a wide range of Mauser 98-actioned rifles from countries all over the world -the Czech VZ 24, 1908 Brazilian, 1938 Turk, 1948 Yugo, and many more. com: Model 1938 The Turkish Republic updated their old rifles to a common configuration commonly know as the Model of 1938 and all in 8x57 Mauser. com/MikeB128How to distinguish which Turkish Mauser you have. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for German Mauser K98, Gewehr 98, Swede M96, Turkish M38 Front Sight Adjusting Tool. This 38 Ankara I call a 38 Turk in my lingo simply because it has Turk markings and is a 38 in 8mm Mauser. High quality custom rifle built on a modified commercial Mauser action. Once they could make 98 Mauser receivers all that stopped, later on they did also make some short rifles. Pick it up today to repair or complete your Belgian Mauser 1889, 1893, or 1894 Bolt-Action Rifle or your German Gewehr 98, or Karbiner 98k Bolt-Action rifle or your Swedish Mauser 1938, 1894, or 1896 Bolt-Action Rifle or your Turkish Mauser 1887, 1890, 1893, or 1903 Bolt-Action rifle as well as the Argentine Mauser 1891 Bolt-Action Rifle and. 354 BC, 2,250 fps MV) 8mm Mauser ammo, hunters get a best-in-class BC and velocity to spare, making it an ideal medium-range load. The receiver marking on this rifle is Asfa Ankara - the Turkish armory outside of Ankara Turkey. 1893 Turkish Mauser Project. Yeah, I am a little confused about why there is a Spanish bolt in my Turkish Mauser. Picked it up at a gun show without even knowing exactly what it was, (the owner only referred to it as a "BRNO 98") but I figured any BRNO had to be worth more than $140 so was a good deal, even though the stock was sanded. Kale" with Ottoman Crest and features a 29" barrel, flip-up rear sights. #CzeckMauser #vintagerifle #fuddgun #fuddlife #antiquerifle #antiquegun #antiquemilitarysurplus#milsurp. With the ATI Outdoor Mauser 98 Stock w/ Built-In Scope Mount & …. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mauser manufactured a large. One other variant of the 8mm Mauser is the 8x57 JRS. The woodwork is holding up nicely and has not been refinished — it has one crack forming on the right-hand side of the receiver well. Bolt Sleeve Lock 1903 TURKISH MAUSER. Overall, a good sound rifle dated 1943 with a 29 inch barrel. actions but are threaded for small ring diameter, Mauser barrel shanks. German K98 Mauser Hard Silver Birdseye Maple Roughed-in Stock ONLY. Turkish Mauser Model 38 Middle Band - From K. item 3 I got them for use and collection with my Schilling Gewehr 98 and so far work wonderfully. Modern Firearms - Энциклопедия современного стрелкового оружия. 00 - Used 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) SMALL RING MODEL 1898 MAUSER RIFLE RECEIVER COMPLETE TURKISH 98 ACTION Sold Location: Easton, MD 21601 Sold Date: 10/9/2023 12:00:00 AM: $269. TURKISH MAUSER New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023">TURKISH MAUSER New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. It set the foundation for the development of various later models, many of them containing the …. turkish mauser 8mm For Sale. 4140 In The White, Radius Crown, Short Chamber. How Many Drops Are in a Teaspoon?. Mauser 98 Detachable Sling Swivel. Importers then accepted Turk ID practices ( Auctions back in 1970s were labelled "M38 Mausers" and …. Kale receivers are, in design and dimension, identical to Mauser 98s, with one notable exception: They are bored and threaded for small-shank Mauser barrels rather than the large-shank/large-ring barrels common to the 98 and 98 clones. The magazine cut-off was deleted as part of the 1938 remodel. This has zero affect on the strength since there is the same amount of steel around the chamber but it does reduce the choices you have in prethreaded barrels. A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. Make Mauser Model Model 98 Caliber. 98/22 is a Czechoslovak-designed, full-sized, bolt-action rifle, designed and produced in Czechoslovakia. Kennedy with service to the New Jersey airport. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) TURKISH 1888 COMMISSION RIFLE GEW 88 1938 GERMAN 8MM MAUSER BOLT ACTION C&R 29 INCH " BARREL. In good used condition and assembled/rebuilt at the Turkish Ankara Arsenals in 1939. The refurbed K98k used the original handguard that extended from the lower band to the front of the rear sight base. Highly collectible Model 98 Mauser Rifles made at the Waffen Werke Brunn factory in Czechoslovakia, in 1945 under Nazi oversight and occupation. While the Turkish Mausers had been initially thought of as just plain junk rifles (hence the $29 pricetag a few years ago), shooters looking for a bargain have proven the Turk a capable rifle. " Receiver, bolt, firing pin, adjustable sight, and safety all have different serial numbers. Kale Turkish Mauser action receiver is fitted with a 26-inch stainless. The stock was hand made by him, and it was also chrome plated at one point. Lot of 12 - 7mm Mauser Stripper Clips - stamped H - READ DESCRIPTION INFO. This earlier gun is the “Spanish Mauser, Model of 1891”. 5 barrel on, and be pretty close to in business. Landser Outfitters, LLC Mauser 8mm Brass Stripper Clips. Mauser 98 K98 Rifle Bolt Assembly w/ Lowered Handle & Buehler Low Scope Safety. this is a picture of the peice im looking for in the top pic. Pick it up today to repair or complete your Turkish Mauser M1935 Bolt-Action Rifle. Rifle Trigger Parts for Mauser for sale. Yee it work but looks like a hack job, just butt ugly! Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2018. Bore is very good with strong rifling. New Listing Mauser 98 English Walnut Stock #1693. Do you have other mausers? If so, how does it compare? I have a K98 that I've never shot. 00 - New 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) TURKISH MAUSER 98 MM MADE 1954 VERY NICE C&R OKAY 7-45-625 03/09 29 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15209. Original European made actions by great firms as DWM, Mauser, etc. Are you looking for the best deals on Turkish Airlines bookings? With so many airlines to choose from, it can be hard to know which one offers the best deals. Will work for most all standard length Mauser 98 actions, and most calibers though some may require feeding work. There are parts of the original markings still can be seen on the receiver ring. This is a 1945 dated, reworked rifle that has retained 80 …. Receiver is marked from Ankara withn the 1938 date of the rebuild. Action and floor plate are scroll engraved. The 1890 and 1893 are cock-on-close. 5-round stripper clip, internal magazine. Perfect for display or for shooting!. Aug 6, 2023; iron bender; Karabiner 98k Volume II Book Forum. Just acquired this Turk Mauser. A dealer I know bought about 17,000 rounds of mixed caliber ammunition, 3000 of which was for 8mm mauser. I'm a gun collector that specializes in Mausers. MAUSER M-96 SWEDISH WILL FIT SWEDISH MODELS 38 AND 96 (AS NEW) MAUSER 24 47, 24 …. The BNZ markings were the German ordnance code for weapons made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, at Steyr Austria. M98 Mauser Bolt Body with Extra Long Lugs, New. FA German Made Bayonet, and Scabbard Of Metal. Sell your mauser 98 for FREE today on GunsAmerica!. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Skip to main content. This rifle is in great condition and It comes with a Simpson & Co. Mauser Model 98 Bolt Action 8mm Rifle Regular German army issue. wanted! turkish mauser bolt (scope bent). Dumoulin Mauser 98 Bolt Stop Assembly. it measures 45-inches in length and includes its original buttplate and forend retainer spring. The barrel thread is small ring size, for example a standard large ring barrel is threaded 1. Make it three: death, taxes, and ever-increasing prices of cheap, powerful centerfire rifles. They work well in my boy's Turkish Mauser. 500 JEFFERY Price $3,900 Click for more info. the Turkish Mauser (Ankara 1938 and beyond) are large ring, full length actions that the Turks required Mauser to build with small ring threads, so they could use leftover Model 1893 barrels. Turk ammo is loaded hot, the GEW88 is an experimental German rifle made in the late 19th century before they swapped over to the Mauser 98. FREE SHIPPING - MAUSER 98 RIFLE (ISRAELI) FRONT BARREL BAND PIN - USED. M38 ( or more correctly, M938, as printed in Turkish instruction manuals) is not a specific rifle type, but a General Indication of all of Turkey's MAUSER Action rifles, whether Intermediate or Standard length Actions, and whether made in Turkey or Refurbiushed …. Description: This is a WWI German Mauser that was rebuilt by the Turks in 1948. Custom 25-06 rifle built on FN 98 Mauser action. The Turk Mauser, in the $300 range. GMA GRANITE MOUNTAIN ARMS SINGLE SQUARE BRIDGE MAGNUM RIFLE ACTION. MAUSER M-96 SWEDISH WILL FIT SWEDISH MODELS 38 AND 96 (AS NEW) MAUSER 24 47, 24 INTERMEDIATE 98 SERIES , 8MM STRIPPED, TURNED DOWN. Handload or perhaps purchase Prvi PartisanRemington and Winchester 8mm Mauser is is crap. Featherweight Deluxe Trigger Mauser 98FN With Safety. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of Turkish series worldwide. This is in Fair Used Condition. Czech Mauser M98/22 BRNO Rifle REF. Stock is elegantly carved with wings and looks great. Timney Featherweight Rifle Trigger Mauser 95 96 1 1 2 To 4lb Adjustable 203. The Mauser 98 represents what many (myself included) hold to be the perfect rifle. more info Quick view Choose Options. The Mauser Kar 98, also known as G 98 was a German carabine created in 1. Turkish Model 1903 Mauser Rifle, based on the German Gewehr 98 infantry rifle. Please check out my Patreon! https://www. Their Austrian allies used Styer 95's. Turkish Airlines will land at Newark Liberty International. Are you planning a trip and considering flying with Turkish Airlines? With its extensive network and excellent service, Turkish Airlines is a popular choice for both domestic and international travel. 00 - Used OTHER MODEL 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) TURKISH MAUSER 98 M1938 1944 8MM MAUSER K. Oct 22, 9:00 AM MST Turkish Ankara M1893 8mm Mauser Bolt Action Rifle by Vogt Galleries Texas. During the first and second World Wars, Russian and German infantry were armed with Mosin Nagants and Mauser 98 rifles respectively. 3 reviews Write a Review Mauser 98 cocking piece: Posted by James McElrath on Jun 27th 2020 Arrived in a timely manner! Were in good to excellent shape! 1 M98 cocking piece. Payment Methods: Cash, Bank Check, USPS Money Order, Wire Transfer, Visa,Mastercard, Discover, American Express. 65x53 Belgian/Argentine Mauser cartridge during their wars with Italy, …. Mauser Model 98 8MM sn: 311390 Carl Gustafs dated 1913, excellent overall condition, fine wood, sound action, good bore. If there are 'issues' when trying to engage the safety, they can usually be dealt with by grinding a VERY small amount of metal off the corner of the 'nose' on the safety knob that gets behind the front end of the …. Get the best deals on Mauser Bayonet when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Metal and stock has normal wear for a Turkish Mauser. The Kar 98k is a collector's dream because of. mauser stripper clips for sale. Compare 30 million ads · Find Turkish Mauser faster ! Speed up your Search. KALE" marked Mausers are made in Turkey in most cases. Turkish Mauser Bolt M38 Complete Bolt Excellent 98 Mauser. It has a German Gewehr 98 barrel from WW1, found an Imperial German marking on the barrel. 98 for use as a “Radfahrer “ Gewehr (bicyclist’s rifle) included a bent bolt and a clearance cut in the stock. (Please refer to out “ Reloading Tips ” for proper measurement techniques) If possible, we recommend that you determine the COAL of your rifle, and load your bullets at 1mm short of the lands. New Manufacture 1891 AREGENTINE MAUSER. If you try and shoot a 8mm Mauser round out of a pre re-barrelled rifle, you are in for a potentially unpleasant surprise. Sold Location: Simi Valley, CA 93065. My first thought is to slug the bore and then load for the lower pressure. Our Products: Mauser Parts > Gew98 M98. So, that kind of eliminates them. The Paraguay model 1907 was an Intermediate System with No high clip guide. The company gained prominence through its manufacturer of the Mauser Gewehr 1871 for Prussia. mauser 98 for sale on GunsAmerica. This ammunition has a well-deserved reputation for damaging. This is a 1945 dated, reworked rifle that has retained 80-85% of the arsenal re-applied blue finish with silvering at the muzzle and on the high edges and projections. The barrel is bright and shiny with strong rifling. Based on the 98 Action, these rifles were chambered in 7. 95 shipping WWII GERMAN CZECH M1895 TURKISH MAUSER VZ-24 UNIVERSAL LEATHER RIFLE SLING. Turkish Model 98/38 Mauser Rifle Description: Serial# 8193, 7. ww1 turkish mauser ammo pouch set. History is uncertain of the date of origin of the 7×57 cartridge. This Turkish Mauser Model 1938 is receiver stamped "1943" "K. Replace that missing or damaged surplus rifle part. The rifles were quickly replaced by the shorter Vz. The rifle was chambered for a new 8x57 mm Mauser rimless, smokeless powder cartridge with a 226-grain FMJ-RN bullet of. I checked in "Small Arms Of The World" and a Turkish Model 1938 is not listed. NeW Manufacture 22lb 1891 AREGENTINE MAUSER 1893 TURKISH MAUSER $7. K98 Mauser- German; 8MM Mauser; Bolt Action; 5-Round Capacity; C&R Eligible; Surplus Condition; NRA Fair or Better. 22-250 Rem, Sporter, Fluted, 24", Adams&Bennett-F54 Contour,1-14 Twist 98 MAUSER Firearm Mfgr: MAUSER Firearm Model: 98. Turkish M1903 Mauser Bolt Body with Extractor, Stripped *Good* $69. German Turkish EB34 bayonet for 98 Mauser w/metal scabbard, #1808. Compare 30 million ads · Find Turkish Mauser faster !| #Used. When it comes to booking airline tickets, Turkish airlines have become a popular choice among travelers. 29 made in Poland, and the M1943 Spanish short, with the Spanish Air Force eagle or the words “la Coruña” stamped into …. Mauser 98 8MM bolt action rifle with Bushnell scope - 8mm Mauser $700. Correctly crosshatched , each sling comes complete with its detachable. A co-worker has an action for sale,and I was curious what it would be good for. Not sure if it has to be from another turk or if any k98 will do. 20 Rounds of Turkish 8mm Mauser Full Metal Jacket - 8mm Mauser $4. Now, you can get a barrel from any of the barrel makers out there (Douglas, Hart, shilen, MT Rifleman, etc etc) to fit a. "Turkish Mauser 98 8mm (R38162)" for sale online. 1” barrel was capable of accelerating that lighter spitzer bullet to 2,881 f. We can see evidence of the gun’s past in the receiver notch necessary for the longer 8mm cartridge, …. Turkey had many different Mauser variants in stock at that time. I've got two crates of Yugo 8mm, and 5 rifles in 8mm. The ATI Outdoor Mauser 98 Stock w/ Built-In Scope Mount fits Standard Bent Bolt, Large-Ring, German K-98’s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48/48a, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946 7mm or 8mm caliber. The Mauser 98 is easily the most important bolt action ever produced. mauser, any brand or load to stay away from in M38 ">8mm mauser, any brand or load to stay away from in M38. com is the #1 Gun Classified website that brings gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together through classifed advertising of guns, gun related items and services for sale online. Yugo M48 Mauser M48 Sling Keeper1 Keeper Only M48 Mauser Parts. 24 rifle is a bolt-action carbine designed and produced in Czechoslovakia from 1924 to 1942. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good, old-fashioned retreat from risk. This is because the model of 98 had a larger receiver ring. It appears that every rifle they had was converted to 8mm …. 68 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $970. I appreciate all help! Re: Rebarreling my Mauser M98. It’s often been said that two things in life are certain: death and taxes. I am not looking for bench rest accuracy but a quality gun to build on. Call or email for additional information, photographs or to purchase (302) 384-6861 Shipping/handling/insurance …. Re: Thinking about a Turkish Czech 98/22. SWEDISH M-94 /38 /9 6 COMPLETE BOLT TURNED DOWN SPORTER BOLT HANDLE AND SPORTER SAFTEY. 98/48 Model 48 In addition to refurbishing guns, the national Yugoslavian armory began production of their new Mauser design, the M48. Original Item: Only one Available. German Mauser K98 Surplus Rifle. Hoosier Gun Works : Online Catalog : Gun Parts : Military. اوبرندورف – موزر Oberndorf – Mauser. This video is to explain the characteristics of the Turkish Mauser 98. Marked T C AS FA ANKA for sale by The Red Barn on GunsAmerica. Wood: A Mauser 98 wood stock is traditional for the weapon, whether the hardwood is cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, or poplar. M98 Mauser Bolt Complete Assembly, Straight Handle. 92x57mm Mauser The Turkish M1903 rifle was developed from the Gewehr 98. It would shoot jacketed just fine and lead was accurate but it would lead a bit. Turkish Mauser 98 8mm Rifle $60. turkish mauser for sale on GunsAmerica. Yugoslavian M48 marked extractor This part will work for most all standard contract Mauser 98 rifles. Our Products: Mauser Parts > K98 Vz24. It was replaced when the Mauser 1889 appeared and the Ottomans used a clause in their contract to switch production. 00 - New 8X57 JRS (8MM MAUSER) TURKISH MAUSER 98 MM MADE 1954 VERY NICE C&R OKAY 7-45-625 …. The base rifle here is (was) a 1903 model Mauser carbine, chambered for the 7. Help! My Mauser is speaking Turkish!. Straight-Pull Bolt-Action Service Rifle. You should be okay with a Mauser 1898 trigger. The Romanian ammo is the real surplus, not the aftermarket out of spec stuff being sold out of Romania now. Mauser Gewehr 98 controlled round feed rifle bolt. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Yugo M48 Mauser Stock Hand Guard Complete Yugoslavian Military Model 48. In 1905, the German Military increased the bullet diameter from. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 906041751. I think I have a "project" rifle on my hands. Turkish television series, also known as Turkish dramas, have gained immense popularity worldwide in recent years. However unlike the Model T, it is still in production today and still considered the pinnacle. At a time of great financial hardship, brothers Wilhelm (1834-1882) and Peter-Paul (1838-1914) Mauser, while still children, followed in their fathers footsteps and began work at the Royal weapons factory in Oberndorf/Neckar, Germany. Create New Wish List; Description; reviews (1) 1 Review 5 Great Experience. If anyone has any information on it, like year it was made, where it was made and used, and really anything. Kale receivers are, in design and dimension, identical to Mauser 98s, with one notable exception: They are bored and threaded for small-shank Mauser barrels rather than the large …. There seems to be so many Turkish Mauser out there MAUSER 98,HUSQVARNA, BRNO, YUGOSLAV, H&R 300, COMMERCIAL MAUSERS 883-100-298 M98-FN-SP Sportsman Trigger $43. The original German "crest" on the receiver has been replaced with the Turkish "crest". However, it may not be terrifically practical. The photos show what it used to look like. The Turkish Mauser can be used to describe many Mauser rifles used by the Ottoman Empire and then the Republic of Turkey. The ammo that would fire was of turkish make and the ammo that would not fire was of yugoslavian make. "Oberndorf basically is a weapons factory. Wolff Bolt Sleeve Stop Spring - Available in paks of 5. Buy a 32- Mauser 98 1903 Turkish 5 Rd. Get the best deals on Mauser Screws when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. I was communicating with a Turkish customer of mine who had served at the Ankara arsenal during his military service some years ago. HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A YUGO 98K …. Turkish Mauser Firing Pin and Spring, Early Style, *Good* $34. Solid stock and handguard, metal finish is a worn patina. 8cm schwere Panzerbuchse 41 (sPzB 41) M1917 Enfield (American Enfield). Cart (0 item) Persian Mauser 98 in 8x57 (Brno Made) Seller: Shooting Investments (FFL) Shooting Investments (FFL) Gun #: 969702404. Mauser continued to improve his design, with the Model 92 and Model 95 rifles as the result of his efforts, but. 645" long, - 12 tpi, "V" thread. Get the Best Deals on Turkish Airlines Bookings. Eagle feathers style checkered. Fits M98, 98K and many more Mauser military rifles. Excellent bore, excellent stock, 29'' barrel, Manufactured in Germany by Mauser Oberndorf, …. 1954 Turkish Mauser model 98. Mauser / Navy Arms Gewehr 98 Turkish Mauser 8mm Bolt Action Rifle Description: Mauser / Navy Arms Gewehr 98 Turkish Mauser 8mm Bolt Action Rifle. KALE" M38 Mauser with Gewehr 98 barrel and …. Enfield, Mosin, Berthier, Mauser, commission 88 all were used producing some very unusual looking rifles. This forum is dedicated to the non-Mauser K98k rifles: G29ö, G29/40, G33/40, G24(t), 43M, and the various "Booty Weapons" of the Wehrmacht, WW1 and prior. Mexican 1936 Mauser 98 Cocking Piece Weldment. Fabrica De Armas 1945 Mauser Rifle (8mm Mauser) Seller: MID STAR FIREARMS LLC ( FFL) Gun #: 908894843. The demand of used MAUSER 98 rifle's has risen. forsale Hogue 98000 rubber * A fits mauser 98 militarysport ¬ Delivered anywhere in USA. Sportsman’s Warehouse is not liable for any loss, damage or injury that may arise from …. The Gew 88 was eventually superseded by the excellent Gewehr 98 which proved a substantial upgrade over the Commission Rifle - considered the pinnacle of Mauser bolt-action rifles …. Sellers with highest buyer ratings;. Other than sight changes all Gew-98's from day 1 were made for S ammo. Action is the 1903 Intermediate with High Clip guide. Thanks to Omer’s translation we now know that the rifle was produced in 1903/4 (this is due to the alignment of the Hijri and Gregorian calendars – the former is lunar based and the latter is. With the help of the internet, you can book your tickets online in just a few simple steps. The new value of a MAUSER 98 rifle has risen $200. M98 Mauser Bolt complete Bent handle. Turkish Mauser rifle serial number survey results. 6 pounds, fair bore, restored to 95%, layaway for sale online. 00 9 Image (s) Turkish Walnut Gun Stock Blanks Liquidation!!! Seller: First Stop Gun ( FFL) Gun #: 906177972 $1,000. In good looking condition it is a small ring receiver and likley modified in the 1930" from a German Kaz98AZ. Description: 1935 Turkish Mauser 98 (Gewehr) ASFA ANKARA in 8mm (7. Turkish upgrade program Mauser M1903. Mauser 98 Military-Style Blued Trigger Assembly | Gewehr 98 and 98k. This rifle is not a Mauser, not related in any way to a Mauser except in their both being bolt actions, it is not as strong an action as a Mauser. Developed by Paul Mauser and his brother, Wilhelm, this single-shot blackpowder arm was superseded by a tubular-magazine repeater, the German Model 71/84. Receiver and rear sight marked with serial number (136168), 1943 and AST for sale by Sportsmans Legacy on GunsAmerica. from what i have read a yugo mauser in 24/47 or m48 has the same bolt parts …. ORIGINAL GEW 98 MAUSER RIFLE ROLLER COASTER REAR SIGHT RAMP gun parts. MAUSER 98 SEMI INLET THUMBHOLE TARGET STOCK. Are the turkish or czech rifles any good. The new value of a MAUSER 98 rifle has risen $88. Turkish Airlines makes it easy to book your flight online with their user-friendly website. 200” longer than a standard, 98 Mauser, front receiver ring. com/iv8888JOIN USCCA LEGAL SELF DEFENSE NETWORK: http://usccapartners. The rifling in the bore is strong, but a little dark. 6/9/22 - This is a Mauser-made Gewehr 98 from 1918. Turkish standardized "Kirikkale" Mauser - 7. SOLD - 1918 Turkish Mauser Gewehr 98. Stamped on receiver is Turkish crest / AS. Non-German variants on the Mauser are the vz. com">A Turk Mauser Becomes A Scout Rifle. Condition is very good overall and only slight finish wear. Mauser 98 Military and Sporter Actions Full Length Bed Block OD Green. (2072) This item is in Maryville , MO. Turkish Mauser 98 for sale on GunsAmerica. "another item of info on talks on Turkish G98 rifles , Mauser sold app. com">K98 Mauser Surplus Rifle For SALE. What is a good mauser 98 to use as a project gun. The Kar 98k features the standard '98 action. Turkish Surplus 8mm Mauser 70rd Bandoleer on clips. Chinese Hanyang 88 Mauser 8mm Bolt Action Rifle. PLEASE NOTE:These wonderful '98 Mauser actions are sometimes 100 years old and show signs of usage - you are not …. 98AZ & 98a: German Mauser 98k: M38, M44, & 1891/59: Madsen m47: Mosin-Nagant 1891/30: No. Other than that I can't help you out much. 50 5d 8h 33m Mauser 98 8MM bolt action rifle with Bushnell scope - 8mm Mauser $700. Just like most any other Mauser '98 action rifle. Find in-stock 8mm Mauser ammunition at the best pricesFAST. $500+ for the crate should be easy to get. Will work in Mauser 98 action!.