Ls Mt125 Problems Have been attempting to get LS corporate to replace this lemon. UNUSED LS MT342 Tractor w/ Cab and Loader Stock# 9718 UNUSED LS MT342 tractor with a 3 cylinder, 42 HP diesel engine, 4 wheel drive, front tire size 12x16. I have to "resurface" our stone driveway. This tractor’s front blades automatically regenerate in twenty seconds after getting. Save time searching for deals, scanning through warranties, and taking your equipment in for repair. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Sudden Loss Of Power; Hard Shifting; Leakage; Ls Mt125 Tractors Steering Problems. kelchm Discussion starter · Sep 8, 2018. The first option is a manual 16 forward x 16 reverse fully synchronized shuttle shift. #208 LS MT125 has arrived to work the farm, First 5 hours!. Equipped with a 125cc engine, it offers sufficient power for city riding and adheres to regulations for riders with restricted licenses. Going to look at a 25 hp LS in the morning, 4wd, loader, looks good in the pics, very low hrs and priced I think low,,I know nothing about an LS are the Menu. com LS MT225S tractor information. 2009 Kubota RTV 900, 2009 Kubota B26 TLB & 2010 model LS P7010. My local LS dealer is a very small tractor dealer and did not stock the filter. WOO-HOO! Finally got a hydraulic toplink and installed it today. Tilling my Garden with my LS MT125 Subcompact Tractor and my 4ft 3pt Hitch Taylor Way tiller. From the parts manual: But also check your air intake/filter canister for blockage. Once the bolts fall out, it is a race against time, and the LS tractor faces some mechanical problems. LS MT 125 (still waiting for delivery) So I was working in by backyard leveling some dirt and I started to smell smell something nasty. LS Difference; Blog; Careers; Contact; The MT125-24. The LS web site says the MT125 PTO has 17. Most folks find 1" pipe is too narrow to split, but 1. PTO HorsepowerLoader & BucketBackhoeHydrostat TransmissionThis 2019 LS MT125 Sub-Compact T. Hey ya'll, Transmission seems to be acting up on my MT 125. Don't use any aftermarket 3 point BH' unless you want to break the tractor in half! The MT 125 has a 1/2" thick by 4-6" high steel subframe that mounts from the front of the frame all the way to the rear where the BH mounts to it. Another problem I have noticed and seen a few on here is the play in the pedals after 50+ hours of use. Should show it in the owners manual. You write: “I check resistence from lug 1 to other 3 in off, acc, heat and start. Joined May 1, 2017 Messages 7,091 Location Edgewood, NM Tractor LS XG3025 TLB, Previously MT125 TLB, Craftsman GTS6500. This video show how to pull all 3. Montana R2844, New Holland TC29D, Hustler X-One. Mar 27, 2019 / Tractor Weight and Backhoe MT125 #1. Does anyone know how it is possible the Deere 1025R and 2025R, which use the identical Yanmar engine, rates their HP at 3,200 RPM, while the MT225S rates the same HP at 2,800 RPM. Sorry to hear about your fuel pump issue. I get it now!! Thanks for the further explaination. I use a 72" rear finish mower without issue. Someone recommended using safety wire thru the roll pins so they couldn't back out. LOADER LIFT CAPACITY 2,185 lbs. When the seat is up there is a pin on the left side that locks it in the up position (I didn't use it at first and pushed back and the seat fell down). LS mt125 3 point "update". It runs off the main hydraulic system. They used to build for TAFE, Long and Montana. I ran that hoe hard about 98% of that time. It’s pretty common that your New Holland tractor is not starting. Check out my clamp on forklift. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. Hi all! After a few weeks of deliberation, I've finally settled on getting a 1025R. Check the oil filter to ensure the fuel flow is not restricted in any way. I made a video of his dealership. It ran all day long on a 96 degree day and never missed a beat. It may fit your needs it is pretty robust. With the key on, check the gauge reading. Anyone use the off brand tractors? Such as kioti LS Mahindra. There was a major price difference between the local JD dealers 1025 and the LS (basically about $5,000). Any day I can dig in the dirt is a good day. If the coolant is insufficient, the engine may overheat. Joined Oct 31, 2007 Messages 812 Location Wisconsin Tractor John Deere 4066R Cab and loader. On an HST, the brakes are on the wrong side. LS Difference; Blog; Careers; Contact; Tractors. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ls mt125 - 25hp tractor - 3 cyl yanmar engine, 25hp - 4x4 with power steering - 2 range hydro static drive - universal 3 point - mid and rear pto - 6 year power train warranty - 1500lb unit ls ll1102 - front loader - 966lb lift cap - 48" bucket - 360lbs unit - 1 year implement warranty. Following its entry into the U. Additional accessories like mid-mount mowers. He wouldn't have any issues doing what you described plus some!. The group was originally part of the LG conglomeration and was known as LG Tractors and LG Cable, respectively. Then choose if the Kubota or the LS Tractor reliability and specs will work best for you. Elevation = rough start up. If you lost fluid, your transmission is now low. Average of 10 Customer Reviews. In "high range", reverse is weak basically …. Can't wait for the 50 service on your MT125. I am sure other hve had this issue but LS seems to be clueless. I have not seen one in person, but my dealer had about 2 months ago. The tractor has been great but not so much the finance company. If you own a John Deere X300 model, you must be aware of the occasional problems. I'm thinking of something a little different than some bolt-on angle iron. Joined Mar 18, 2012 Messages 20 Tractor landini. I'm a nut for over building everything and I added a 1/4" X 3" piece of 4' steel to the inside of the …. The only crossover filters that are readily available is the engine oil filter, Mobil-1 M108a, or Wix 51358 or 51358XP. Started to loosen the oil drain plug, turning it out by hand, oil leaking around the bolt, only to find that it comes out about 3/4 of the way, then hits on the front axle center pivot! thought I could just. You need to think about engine speed, horsepower, and PTO (power take-off) as well. mine will be stored in the garage until the new building is completed, right next to the golf cart/estate maintenance/wife's toy. 2 PTO HP 2 RANGE HST 4WD CRUISE CONTROL INDUSTRIAL TIRES LL1100 LOADER W/50" BUCKET LB1107 BACKHOE ATTACHMENT W/12" BUCKET. Yes its a factory/dealer version. May 12, 2020 / MT 125 ~ not starting #5. How To Fix New Holland Workmaster 25S Problems. That is a big problem out herevery limited availability of services. Piranha toothbar on MT125. I had my MT125 TLB for 2 years, not one problem! Great little tractor, a real workhorse. I had made a minor adjustment on mine, and it made a tremendous difference! It's really simple to do. I have moved my travel trailer with my other subcompacts, but this was the first time using my LS MT125 tractor. Just another thought grenade for the forum, who owns a LS M125? Are you happy with it? If so why? if not why not? For the non-owners, what do you know about the MT1 series? I hadnt heard of them until the day before yesterday, I drove over and looked at one, sat on it, cranked it. It's well protected and yet easy to glance at while digging. Well, we got a butt load of snow for TN. I didn't show it but the sides are plastic and have two bolts that loosen t. My right tire was soaked with gear oil. The full size MT225 (E or HE) have two pairs available. Step 16: Turn Engine on Stand and Turn Crank to BDC ( Professional Mechanic Tip) Turn the engine on its stand so that the cylinder deck surface is as horizontal as possible. Home Forums General Tractor Forums Tractor Photos My New LS MT125 Working Jump to Latest Follow 13787 Views 9 Replies 6 Participants Last post by pogobill , Mar 26, 2019 rider7767 Discussion starter 51 posts · Joined 2013 #1 · Dec 5, 2017 I have attached a few pics of my me working my LS MT125 TLB with MMM. I found a heavy duty Beststco for about 1300 with 15% off. I have 168 hours on mine right now with no issues. Joined Jun 17, 2017 Messages 116 Location Central PA. 8 Reply Save 5 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. Have seen a lot of your videos and like what I see so far,would like to see a few more people posting on these. I have worked it hard, put in a septic system, dug about 300' of water and electric trenches, and graded in a driveway. ls mt125 BulldogsPlanes said: I ended up buying a used LS XJ2025h TLB 240hrs with many extras example a factory quick disconnect, a grapple, 3rd function hydraulics, pallet forks, box blade, tooth bar, brush bar, backhoe thumb and backhoe scraper bucket. Browse a wide selection of new and used LS Tractors for sale near you at MarketBook Canada. I pulled the dust cover and think I can see the problem. Feb 26, 2022 / MT125 Mower Deck For Sale #2. Thumb for Subcompact Tractor Backhoe. This deck is a fixed deck with the wheels riding on the ground. 7 McCormick Tractors Tractor Models. DUAL PEDAL, 2 RANGE HST Our MT125 model features the highly preferred dual pedal. Need Help Deciding Between Kubota BX23S and LS MT125. LS MT 125 (still waiting for delivery) I wrote before about the excess play in the FEL Joystick. LS MT125 Tractors for Sale New & Used. Engine Starting Difficulties We found a lot of users bemoaning about different starting issues in different forums. Suppose to have a beefed up frame and Common Rail Direct Injection on the three larger models. I have around 83 hours on mine now. 1 LS MT125 Tractor 50 Hour Service ( New Holland Work Master 25S) - YouTube. Full dimensions and tires LS XJ2025 attachments. Lots of learning to do, but already getting the hang of it. Now mount or dismount it in about 60 seconds with a couple crescent wrenches. 1; 2; 3; First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Why Buy the LS MT122 ?!? (50 Hour Review) MT125. May 20, 2020 / Possible problem area XG3025 / MT225E #1. I have worked it hard on the new property putting in a lawn and such. 122 125 Tractor Operators Maint Instruction Manual LS TRACTOR MT122 & MT125. com LS MT125 tractor information. Getting the MT125 prepared for it's 50 Service. Go from 2WD to a 4WD with a simple. Thread starter BulldogsPlanes; Start date Oct 11, 2017;. This could happen if there is a problem with the coolant or the radiator. jd 2630 - NH TL100A-35 ferg-53 ford backhoe. LS MT125 Backhoe Storage - YouTube. 2023 LS MT125 For Sale in at www. Let’s learn all the problems and troubleshooting of ls mt125 tractors below. Your solenoid could be bad also. Workmaster 25s flail mower. Browse a wide selection of new and used LS Less than 40 HP Tractors for sale near you at TractorHouse. com we will show how to remove the the cowel of the LS MST-125 (this also should work for the LS MT-122 also). 6 LongAgri LandTrac Tractor Models. Price: CAD $34,081 ( Price entered as: USD $25,000) Finance for as low as. 8 kW: LS MT125 Engine: Yanmar 1. MT125 LS Tractor Loader Removal. A MMM is around $2500, give or take $200. Common Problems of Ls Mt125 Problems & Solutions December 30, 2022 Kubota G2160 Problems (Plus Effective Fixes) December 27, 2022 Stihl Fs91R Problems Overcoming Issues …. LS SUB-COMPACT TRACTOR — MT125The MT1 Sub-compact incorporates a user-friendly ergonomic design into a robust and quality tractor. rodneyn said: Ok picked up ls MT225S unit early today- wow quite impressive tractor: Here are my likes 1. travel Rather than saying Medellín like “meddling,” the two ls are actually pronounced like a j. One is a New Holland Workmaster 25. They can lift 1850 pounds to max height in the. The MT3 series compact tractor comes in several configurations, one of these is the popular cab configuration. The FEL was over the hitch, the BH / bucket was turned to the side. Some days I have the hoe on and off 3 times a day switching with the box blade, landscape rake, and back hoe. Mine dropped out again after I'd reset it the first time. Pressure line of the tractor, goes to pressure side on the backhoe valve. Just like the New Holland 25S Workmaster. Looking to buy a LS Tractor? Have a look before making the drive to your dealer! XJ2025H & MT225s model comparison. If you have removed and cleaned all the battery terminals and checked all connections for tightness, charged the battery (check that it isnt still malfunctioning as they occassionally die on the vine so to speak and wont take a charge) …. When choosing a quality tractor dealer, think American Outdoor Equipment. Tony's Tractor Adventure: LS MT125. Spent way too much time researching brands & model tractors out there over the last 1/2 year or so and finally decided on an MT125 with a loader & backhoe. Here's and update on fuel usage. The neighbors new MT225-S arrived. The most common John Deere 1025r problems are to do with the. One of the most common ls mt125 problems is excessive exhaust smoke. LSMT125 question's; Bucket weight?, worksaver forks, etc">LSMT125 question's; Bucket weight?, worksaver forks, etc. I have a hard time believing that one extra inch on the tiller needs 10-17 more HP than a …. They can provide pricing and current availability on the needed part. Some companies make you pay extra for an extended warranty. LS Tractor Owner The original LS MT125 is truly the factor special as the trim package is much nicer on our. You cannot add enough liquid to the dinky tires to accomplish anything constructive. Where this will attach at the bucket end of the MT is a bit different than on the XJ. However, in 2005 LS Cable was split from the LG conglomerate and became a separate company. Today I received my hooks that are shown on "rider7767" website and this is a first class kit. Where Are LS Tractors Made? THE TRUTH. Joined Feb 24, 2019 Messages 165 Tractor LS MT125. Hope you have fun at farm show get lots of video I do not Menu. I took a piece of 2"X2"X3/16" box tubing and welded a cross piece on the end to hold the wheel weights. LS is the only brand that guarantees more features for less cost and more lifespan with less maintenance. Take the New Holland Workmaster 25S for example, it's actually an LS MT125 made in South Korea. We were late with the cut due to weather so my hay was very thick and long (5ft) but no problem for . Thanks "LS mt125 owner" for giving it a try today. The initials “LS” stand for luxury sport when referring to a Chevrolet vehicle, whereas LT refers to a Chevrolet luxury touring vehicle model. There are not that many threads on the MT125 here, they are worth reading over. Started off this morning to do the first 50 hrs oil change. If it fires you found the culprit. Transmission: hydrostatic Hydraulics Pump flow: 4. You have to look for this position too. LS MT125 with Cab, LS LW3150 50” Front Mount Snow Blower ️ Features ️ 25hp Yanmar Diesel Engine, 4 wd, Fully Heated Cab, Front & Rear Work Light, Hydraulically Controlled Spout control from the comfort of the fully heated cab, Comes with FREE Front end Loader ️Snow Special ️$19,700 Call or 🛑 in!. com P/NO YA054-MES00 Page 2 LS Broom OPERATOR MANUAL Model : MBR1154A Applied …. I did 3 acres a couple of weeks ago with my LS MT125 and a 4 foot cutter. MT125 vs BX23S I am in the market for a subcompact that will be the best for the money. I got numbers on a little guy Ls mt125, jd 1025r (holy mother it was There are possibilities of many various problems with the different . The Yamaha MT125 (2016) is a compact motorcycle that is designed for urban commuting and entry-level riders. My neighbor initially had the tractor for about 6 weeks without the BH. I have owned a Kioti CK20S with loader, A John Deere 1025R TLB with MMM, and a Massey Ferguson GC1705 with loader and MMM. The LS MT125 is a digging beast. Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel). I did a video the other day of my LS MT125 digging through some tough rocky dirt. Also try the rear PTO only position. 00 each + shipping, I bought 2 to save shipping costs. All is well, found it after talking to the dealer I bought it from. All are in good condition We will service them and have them ready to work when picked up. Part 1 LS MT125 Tractor 50 Hour Service Prep ( New Holland Work Master 25S) - YouTube. A supportive and comfortable seat reduces fatigue and reverses position for backhoe use. Ls Mt125 Tractors Pto Problems. LS MT125 Service and Parts Manuals Request. I put the box on service mode so i can start it and ran a jump wire for the boom valve so I can operate it. LS MT125 Tractor Specs Price Review Category Models List, …. The most common cause of Ls Mt125 Tractors steering problems tends to be stuck for an object in its sharing column linkage or steering system. LS Tractor Service & Shop Manuals are factory manuals that cover maintenance and repair procedures for your LS Tractor. You could get a good rear finish mower or brush cutter for about half that. 4 Problems with LS Tractors. Part 4 MT125 Tractor Service. These tractors require a trans-hydraulic …. LS XG3025 TLB, Previously MT125 TLB, Craftsman GTS6500 When I had my 125, I used a 54" HEAVY box blade, covered the wheels even with 2" spacers. Let's take a step by step look at the removal and installation of the loader on the LS Tractor MT225. I plugged the seatbelt a few times but still nothing, so I can't start the engine. shooterdon said: IMO your request to have NH do a warranty repair on an LS is unreasonable. It may take some time, so he might not want to do it right away. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common ls mt125 problems and their fixes. May 1, 2018 / LS mt125 3 point "update" Thread Starter #22. In general, New Holland is regarded as a dependable tractor. It will lift the back of the tractor off the ground with ease even at full reach. MT125 LS service bulletin CS18. If you are the owner of a New Holland TC40 tractor, you may be aware of the common problems that can arise with this model. Well I cleared an area behind the barn so I can park some trailers there. Well, I got to try my new Titan Implement 4ft Tiller in the garden. I've been having Ls Mt125 Problems. Hello everyone, I have a new 25 hp MT125 I got before winter, only has 20 hours on it, basically just snowblowing for the winter. A washer on each end and a nut with Locktite has kept it in place so far. One of these items ships sooner than the other. The warranties vary from 3-6 yrs, depending on hours, call for details. 2019 LS MT125 TRACTOR OPEN ROPS 24. Also, you can clean all electrical plugs/ contacts n the PTO circuit. You have to unpin the SSQA to switch to the stock bucket. Pto issues wont turn on was running and stopped. com MT225S COMPARISON MAKE MODEL MT225s. com MODEL Hydrostatic, High-Low shift. Solutions: Don’t just sit there if you locate the cause. Mine failed suddenly while mowing. However, differences between sources, incomplete listings, errors, and data entry mistakes do occur. All the parts are there for installation. With its sleek and modern design, it offers a stylish option for riders. Supposedly if there is any problem with the valve, you replace it. The MT1 standard features provide an exceptional operator experience in a variety of applications. HST's are easier for beginners and people that might have issues with a clutch. LS MT125 is a subcompact tractor with a bare tractor weight of 1,445 pounds. Went to dealer closest to me to drive one and like everything. A 16' trailer will handle it no problem (that's what we have), plenty of room. I only shopped dealers within an hour from me, so that list included KB, JD, LS, & Mahindra. With that in mind, if you ever wanted to sell it, you are limited to only someone with a 225S. Joined Mar 8, 2019 Messages 129 Location Hendersonville, NC Tractor John Deere X584 Garden Tractor & LS R3039H. Now that cooler weather is here the start ups have been noticeably rougher, to the point I believe the motor will. I have the SSQA that is a little larger was bought when I purchased my 125. There is a tractor dealer selling 'filter kits' on Ebay. Use the shop vac trick to save most of the hydraulic oil Make an adapter out of duct tape to "fit" the hydraulic oil fill port (where the dip stick is) and secure a shop vac hose to that port. Change the entire spline assembly. Problems: Control valve for back house had a lot of play and the stick itself became loose. 8 Montana Tractors Tractor Models. Reactions: Jerry/MT Sep 25, 2022 / Ls Mt 125 overheating. Digging out an old stump with an LS-MT125 backhoe. 2020 LS MT125 25hp Tractor, 34 hrs, Diesel, 2 pedal hydrostat, 4x4, 60" Mower deck, Loader with 50" Bucket, Like new with 34hrs on it, Rear 540 PTO, Comes with 2" hitch, 2 Speed transmission, Cruise control. Act on some necessary measures to get rid of those problems permanently. Lots of platform room for legs. LS is associated with Mitsubishi tractors of Japan for technology, and many tractors are based on Mitsubishi designs, as well as use Mitsubishi engines. Problem; Solution; Care; Ls Mt125 Tractors Not Charging …. V Belt: Perfect Match for LS Tractor MT-122/MT-125 Mid Deck Mower Replacement. LS MT125 has arrived to work the farm, First 5 hours ">#208 LS MT125 has arrived to work the farm, First 5 hours. MT 125 front axle drain bolt. Ultimately, the main deciding factors were price, the strength of the dealer network and the available financing. However, even the best machines can experience problems from time to time. Indices Commodities Currencies Stocks. Itç—´ about same profile height as the …. Two Piece seat (C8) Durafit Seat Covers, Kubota Seat Covers for L3240, 3560,L3940,L4060,L4240,L4740,L5040,L5240,L5460,L5740,BX2370,BX23S,BX25D,LX3310,L3560 …. Perhaps a more precise cross-over is WIX 51358. My father is 81 and shopping for his first tractor. A good parts store might be able to cross those numbers. The MT225S is LS Tractor’s first tractor with a mid-mount mower specifically designed and tested for the MT225S. ) Mower Size: 60; Capacity (cu Ft. Today's Posts New posts Search Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Top Posters of the Month. All I have to say is it is absolutely awesome! They took some of the best features of the larger tractors and added them to an improved larger sub compact. The deck is not drive over and attaching the mid-pto requires getting down on the ground and reaching under the tractor. Available LS Tractor Model: MT1; Grass Catcher …. Should this be the case, try rocking the flywheel backwards and forwards. Pulls sort of out to the left side. LS MT125 problems are inevitable; some of the most common include transmission issues, the joystick controller behaving erratically, and excessive exhaust smoke. Chains & Binders are Not Included. This ensures that one brand's 30-weight oil is the same viscosity as another's. Don't know if your too far NW, but call Bruno's Powersports, check them on the Internet. Digging a grey water system for a friend. I was pretty rough on the wheels, I suppose. I too hope the LS MT225S mows equal to the NH Tc26da. Not sure if remotes are now available, but when I had my 125 (2017) they were not. In this customer poll, New Holland Tractor came in the third position. Sometimes you run your Ls Mt125 Tractors to hit a foreign thing while operating. Rider7767 we had talked on the phone about the ls and John Deere 1025R. FEATURES4WD (FRONT WHEEL MECHANICAL ASSIST)The …. com was created to help link owners of tractors built by LS Mtron Ltd. This is going to be Anjum's first time really operating a tra. Mine is on the lower left side, just above the frame rail. If your differential is not vented and the seals are leaking, try venting it before you tear the front end apart. I machined some parts and made it work like a John Deere 1025R TLB. Its night and day difference vs the straight bucket blade. At this point I have 275 hours on my LS without any issues at all. gifs MT125 Tractor modifications. The other day removed the backhoe, attached scraper, then a same day reattached backhoe. LS MT125 Power: Engine (gross): 24. TYM T264 with loader and implements. Mahindra Novo 755 di Tractor stuck in Water Mud Pulling out by John Deere, JCB Backhoe Loader, 4 WD. The MT1 sub-compact series is presented by …. LS MT125 Backhoe and Loader Removal/Reinstall for the 1st time. There is a bolt and washer that holds the grease-able pin in place. When I was digging a septic system trench, when I was deep at full extention and pulled back on the dipper arm, it would float back as long as I had the boom stick fully forward. It is smaller than the 225e (around the size of the 2025), supposed to have added features …. Joined Aug 20, 2018 Messages 415. LS MT125 tractor ReviewCheck out more of our tractor videos here:https://youtube. The Lexus LS 400 and the ES 250 debuted in 1989 as the first in a series of Toyota luxury vehicles. You should be able to hear an audible click when the valve is energized. I found the problem doing my 50 hour service and removed the floor pan and replaced it …. Notice: Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate. Universal Skid Steer Adapter for Kubota TL720 Loaders Model QA-KU4. The LS MT125 is a smaller alternative to heavier tractors and is designed to handle light tasks without leaving ruts in the dirt. I currently own an LS mt125 TLB w/ 94 hours on the clock. Production Manufacturer: LS Type: Sub-Compact Utility tractor LS MT125 Power Engine (gross): 24. Note where the letter 'A' on both parts indicating continuation within the drawing. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil (1 Gallon, Single Pack) $2193 ($0. Manufacturer: LS Model: MT125 Hours: 1 - 2022 LS Tractor MT1 Series MT1 25-24. You can prevent such problems through regular maintenance. LOADER LIFT CAPACITY 1,005 lbs. No problems, covered under warranty. I too immediately suspected the seat switch wiring as it was unsecured under the seat. Oct 2, 2017 / Ls mt125 owners is this true #3. That's a total of about $4600 more $$ for the Kubota. Sep 25, 2022 / Ls Mt 125 overheating #3. The engine of the LS MT125 produces 25 horsepower (19 kW). com LS XJ2025 tractor information. Tractor immediately shut down and refused to do anything. So I remove the loader and hood, dump the oil and remove the filter. 6 Common John Deere 1025r Problems & Fixes. There's no LS dealer near me, I drove 550 miles each way to pick up my MT. Lo Range, 4WD Measure a distance of Menu. I never heard any "humm" from mine, only the hydrostat whine. The LS MT125 will be 5 min fixes. If the video does not work, please someone tell me. They say they will deliver anywhere, and have MT125's with loader, backhoe, and MMM fo $17,195, and loader / mower for $14,306. But, to replace the battery, you may need to pay around $150-$300. Introducing our first "how to" video ever! In this video we take you through a step by step process of how to remove the loader from an LS MT125 Tractor. We also put the worx battery powered chainsaw to us. I'm narrowing down my SCUT choice. LS MT125 tractors are prone to engine issues like starting difficulties, stalling, low. This can be caused by a radiator that …. The hydraulics are so smooth and controllable in stark contrast to the MT122 which was hard to operate with small …. Come along friends as we venture out on the MT125 subcompact tractor and see how it does on muddy trails. Check out my new LS MT125 TLB Page · Rider7767 · Oct 11, 2017. Not sure if LS has this feature, at least on this model anyway. Front axle drain and fill gear oil change on this LS MT125 subcompact tractor. The first… Continue Reading Ls Mt125 Problems. With 20 years of experience as a Army mechanic, that smell was very familiar. The Backhoe is ample rear weight. com we will take you step by step in the removal of your bucket loader! Also be sure to watch to the very to. Just visited my NH Dealer today and saw the new subcompact Workmaster 25S and wonder if any else has one or seen one of this nice machines. Well, just one, I just found a stress crack on the floorboard by the step. It might not be the transmission. It is unaffordable for us to have the stone delivered vs. Why we bought a LS MT125 tractor. Congrats on the new blue! They are great little workhorses! Some advice go over ever nut and bolt that you can find and make sure they are tight. Don't worry about the picture showing 3 belts, it's generic, the 2/a117 is a dual banded belt. Was delivered late Friday afternoon, but with a busy weekend I really didn't have time to play with it until today. LS Tractor gives you more standard features, performance, warranty, and satisfaction for …. I have only mowed twice with my LS MT125, so I will watch it. LS Tractors began as a division of the South Korean conglomerate LG, which manufactures everything from flat screen TVs to kitchen and laundry appliances. We have 2 LS tractor MT125 manuals available for free PDF download: Operator's Manual. Pricing may exclude any added parts, accessories or installation unless otherwise noted. I have created a LS MT125 page on YouTube showing me working the tractor. The setup weighs about 25lbs and extends the bucket out about 6”. 1 Tractors built for other Companies. Problems with Tym Tractor and Troubleshooting">6 Common Problems with Tym Tractor and Troubleshooting. A engine powers the MT125 tractor. NH Workmaster 25S Pricing. I tried to do it for a beginner. A bead of "right stuff" at the bottom of the rear cover to block interface before installing oil pan. The dinky tires mean the MT125 has a relatively low center of gravity, relative to heavier tractors with larger wheels and tires. Click to expand Ok for clarification pto shaft does not move when tractor off and rear pto selector in rear position. LS MT125 Backhoe Removal (not GC1710 or GC1720) - YouTube. Finally tighten the nut while holding the joystick in position. 2023 LS MT125 Tractor For Sale. I have had the problem many times as well. This tractor comes with an LS 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that puts out either 42, 47, 52, or 57 horsepower. When I was done, I got off the seat with the PTO - Answered by a verified Mechanic. It is possible that the starter bendix is locked into the flywheel ring gear. Also make sure all the grease points have been filled. Equipped with a reliable and efficient engine, the MT125 provides smooth acceleration and …. If you watch the movement of every item …. LS Land Magazine was one of a series of photographic collections of underage girls created by LS Studio, also known as Ukrainian Angels Studio, from 2001 to 2004. I already put 30 hours on my MT125 and want to share some of the problems and likes that I have. Jun 28, 2020 / Hydraulic Fluid for Backhoe attachment on Mt 125 #4. Joined Jan 20, 2019 Messages 2,720 Location Knoxville, Tennessee Tractor Kubota B26, M59, M5030DT. The engine gets so hot that it wont run under full power. More like under your left butt. This little 25HP tractor has been great!Stay safe & stop back my friends! See what. Drove over to the shop thinking the bolts needed to be …. People here on this forum told me I was nuts for wanting an MMM instead of a trailing mower, but I need it for the tighter turning radius. Already removed a couple of stumps, moved a 1/2 ton sack of sand, relocated a big dirt pile, moved some mulch, and fixed some driveway ruts. My GC1710TLB shows 50 hour service. The MT125 is a Sub-Compact Utility Tractors type, that is used often in Agriculture Tractors. Beene Tractors is located at 6009 E. The problem is not that people are uneducated. Getting on the tractor yesterday, it seemed that the step was loose. 2023 LS Tractor MT225E Series MT225HE New Compact. XR4150 no throttle, failure codes, difficulty w / LS support. Looked at Massey Ferguson 2706e (59hp, 4k pounds))and 1749 w/cab (49hp, 4k pounds). I picked up some Filters for my LS MT125's 50 hour service. New LS MT125 Tractor, Loader, Backhoe 25 hp 3 cylinder Yanmar engine Hydrostatic transmission 4 wd 963 lb loader lift capacity 12'' backhoe bucket. Thread starter LS Tractor Owner; Start date Apr 10, 2018 Apr 10, 2018 / MT125 FEL hoses: CAUTION #1. I was digging a trench at a friends house to bury electric line to her water pump. A Small Tractor that Packs a Big Punch – LS MT125 Review. Fast hydraulics and transmission. David, here is a mainland quote the price includes the loader (LS usually has a 'free loader' promotion). Is this enough counter weight?. LSmt125 experiences the following problems: Engine refuses to start; Engine producing smoke; Engine stalls; Electrical problems; Steering problems; LS mt225e Reviews. He said it was a really big step for LS to compete in that size range. LS MT125 Backhoe Removal Video. If the manual does not specify operatling conditions that require removal of the backhoe, and you want to keep it on, go for it. Third Function Kit for LS MT122 & MT125 Tractors. LS Tractor is the best option for not only receiving a product you can rely on, but investing in a company who cares about you and your wallet. We put a half dozen welding tacks in addition. Slick idea for sure and simple. After a bit of warm up it smoothes out and all is good. Poor Braking Performance: Another issue you might have noticed with your LS MT125 is poor braking performance. The LS Tractor MT125 tractor is a sub-compact tractor that comes with a 25-horsepower diesel engine. Mid-Mount Mower - The attachment that lets your tractor be your big yard buddy. Jan 23, 2018 / LS MT125 Tractor Mid Mount Mower Service Video. I can get so much more for my money in other brands. ISO and SAE are standardized specifications that define oil weight. I found if you open the throttle about 1/2 inch you have no problems. We will also provide some helpful tips to keep your ls mt125 running smoothly. I generally described it before Lisa — Had it for 2 months and 13 hours on it. All based on good research, advice and all you guys experience. Thought it was a problem and was considering asking about it. Mine has a similar issue, but didn't overheat from a missing fan, mine was more from using it on a property with some slopes, nothing steep, but a good 3rd of my 5 acres is sloped. This past summer I transported my 2019 LS MT125 from sea level in Oregon to my Idaho mountain property at 3,200' elevation. I go step by step showing how to remove the Front Loader from my LS MT125 Tractor. I drove the tractor on to my concrete slab and and immediately looked at my front axle. Key Points: LS MT125 tractors are prone to engine issues like starting difficulties, stalling, low power or overheating. In this episode we be changing the engine oil on the LS MT-125 and your looking for affordable filter packages, please checkout this link: https://sub-compac. Here is another point to "LS mt125 owner", he mentioned having to "hold" the boom control forward while pulling the dipper control back and it "floated". Simple adjustment on the idle stop screw and a cable adjustment made it idle around 1100. You now know how the gauge and sender are working together. One of the best implements I purchased was a …. My new LS MT 125 with backhoe & thumb now with ssqa loader …. 7 Datasheet: Let’s get you the …. There were a few folks on the LS Facebook page complaining of the same issue, so I doubt it was an isolated dealer install issue. LS tractor error codes and fault list with troubleshooting steps. Your owners manual has filters listed. LS MT125 Tractor / Loader / Backhoe 4x4. More problems with the LS MT125 Tractor. PTO Clutch Slips; PTO Clutch Makes Noise; Ls Mt125 Tractors Transmission Problems. If there is one word to describe the MT1 series by LS TRACTOR USA, that word is durability. Thanks for taking your time to put this on video. Jun 2, 2021 / LS MT125 Service and Parts Manuals Request #2. This item: CFKIT Service Filter Kit for LS Tractors MT122 MT125. It is also ranked among the top five tractor brands in both Australia and the United States. Yes, you can get stopped in your tracks, just take a smaller bite!. LS MT125 Tractor Moves Travel Trailer - YouTube. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. Then move the arm to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full. Both have front loaders and backhoes.